Construction &
Repairing of Roads

Our company has an extensive experience in road construction and is able to offer the most favorable terms for cooperation in several areas at once.

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Viaappia office

About Us

«Via Appia Road Contracting CO LLC» is an enterprise created with the aim of gaining leadership in the commercial segment of the road construction services market. The main scope of work of our company are the construction and repair of roads.

«Via Appia Road Contracting CO LLC» employees are actively exploring new methods of asphalt pavement equipment. Progress does not stand still, every year the possibilities for creating durable coatings are enriched with new technologies, materials and types of work. Our company can lay asphalt at any time of the year, not limited to the warm summer months.

Our Services

We carry out works of any complexity, carrying them out both individually and in combination. Trusting in us, you can be sure that everything will be done at the highest standards.

Road construction

Asphalt paving

and landscaping

Asphalting of small areas
and playgrounds

Road repair

For asphalting playgrounds and small areas of the territory, special small-sized equipment is required, which has high maneuverability and the possibility of autonomous operation. Our Company delivers asphalt mix in the most optimal way from the nearest plant, so that it does not have time to cool down and fully retains the quality required by the laying technology.

To fully restore and improve the performance of all pavement structures, subgrades and other road elements, we use the most innovative restoration methods.

Why Us?

Service and quality

In addition to asphalting yard areas, which includes filling roads with high-quality asphalt concrete mix, our company is engaged in ennoblement of adjacent areas. This includes the replacement or construction together with the laying of asphalt speed bumps, patching, marking and installation of signs, landscaping, the possible installation of certain structures in the yard, the arrangement of playgrounds, and the removal of construction debris. All this is done taking into account all the features of the area and the wishes of the customer.

Because of such an integrated approach to work, we manage to achieve a high-quality result that is fully consistent with the modern improvement of the local area of apartment buildings, personal property or industrial facilities.

Technical completeness

Asphalting of yard areas of any complexity takes place in strict accordance with the asphalt concrete laying complex, in accordance with the observance of traffic conditions for a long service life. For these purposes, we use only high-quality certified laying material. Also, our company has a significant stock and special equipment for all types of work, which allows us to assign asphalt concrete laying on our own without involving intermediaries, and thus significantly reduce costs.

The reasons to apply for us, a “Reasons to work with us”

Many years of experience in providing services in the road construction sector, dozens of completed projects, we know exactly what is needed for efficient asphalt paving and arrangement of public and private areas.

By contacting us, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Performance of asphalt paving using only certified materials, the quality of which is confirmed by the necessary documents. We also use modern special equipment, the presence of which allows us to act efficiently and get results in a short time.

  • The use of a unique paving technology that will ensure the long-term operation of the asphalt pavement.

  • Strict observance of the established terms according to the contract.

  • Democratic prices.


Via Appia Road Contracting

Unit: SRL 05.05-01,
Sheikh Rashid Tower,
Dubai, UAE

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